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Project Description
Planz™ provides a single, integrative document-like overlay to a windows file system. This overlay provides a context in which to create to-do list, notes, files, and links to Outlook email messages, files and web pages. It is flexible enough to implement a GTD system.

Take control of the information in your life through one consolidated interface. Plan by typing your thoughts freehand. Link your thoughts to files, Web pages, and email messages. Organize everything into a single, integrated document that helps you manage all the projects you want to get done. Planz™ is an overlay to your file system so your information stays under your control.

The information you need, right now, right "here".

Key Features
  • Edit like a document. Planz works like a word processor. Enter your thoughts directly; useful structure emerges indirectly as a by-product.
  • Stay in control. Use your current means of file management. Planz works as a light overlay to your existing file system. Folders and subfolders appear in Planz as the headings and subheadings of a document.
*Bring things together. User your folder hierarchy to organize files, emails, web resources and informal notes.


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